Heart beat - want to sleep

Far away, I hear a beat.

It could be a gulping or even a passing through 

But for now, we will assume - beat.

My heart beats. All these hearts in Cooke town's houses and rooms, in bunkers and makeshift road side plastic spots - beat 

I want to beat you 

Beat you till you respect me enough to say, "I'm sorry for my ill will, my arrogance, my conceit and condescension". 

I want to beat you till my heart beats fast from beating you and your heart beats fast from being beaten.

I would bite you if I could, so you would bleed a little and recognize you have blood in you and are not a fucking vampire.

Blood + beating heart = life + feelings.

Beat man. Beat na!

Bleed so you are reminded of color.

Red hotha hain khoon. 

Not blue. Idiot.

You idiot.

You prized, published, petted idiot 

And yet, here I am at 2.11 am regretting that I opened this loud heart and tried to sing its questions to you.

Listening though, was never your skill.

Chalo. Forget you. I will go train some more to listen  - Ke what is there beneath the beating. 

Listening tho is not your will.

Kaan bhare hain na - with knowledge and information.


Chalo, forget you. I will go train some more, ke how to listen.